About Daniel Art Ltd.

Daniel Prihoanca was born in Romania in 1967

2001- to present living in U.S.A. Northville, Michigan.
2003- Founder Manager "DANIEL ART LTD" established his own business.

Professional expert in Religious Art - Churches Iconographer and Art Restorer.

  • Expert in fresco and secco - wall techniques with traditional preparation. Gold leaf, oil, acrilic, watercolor, drawing and more. Wood icons painted in traditional Byzantine style and, also - with special costumer request we do Renaissance art - Fresco - Secco or canvas murals.
  • Unique icons painted on glass backwards with gold and silver leaf - a perfect technique for Church windows altar icons and more.
  • Personal art: Family Portrets, Home murals, windows and more ... will be executed upon request.

Specialty - Wall, wood, glass, canvas,paper with tempera,oil,acrylic and more.

1977 - 1981: started the school of Arts,Bacau,Romania
1981 - 1985: Graduated High School of Arts, Bacau, Romania
1986 - 1988: Served in R.S.Romania Army.
1988 - 1994: Romanian Academy Of Art. Commission of Church Iconography and Orthodox Studies.

* 1990 -The Romanian Patriarchy, Commission of Church Painting -Practical and Theoretical Studies on Christian Orthodox Iconography.
* Over 10 years of practical training during and following completion of practical - theoretical studies.
* 1986-The Romanian Ministry of Culture Bacau School of Arts, Bacau,Romania-Awarded Diploma-field of study-Painting.Received top grade point average.


2014 - Church of Saint Michael,Plymouth,MI. New festal and all saints icons. Special order                        for icons with Mather of God acatist including a big one with 25 scenes of the acatist himn.

Many special riquests for personal icons,blessing crosses,portable frescoes and gold leafing.

2012 /2013 -Church of saint Michael the Melkite,Plymouth,Michigan.

Icons painted on special prepared wood panels,byzantine  style on the entire Church,staring                     from altar,finishing with Last Judgement on the west wall. Huge size 8/11 Ft.

  • 06/2012-  Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Church.Livonia,Michigan. Archpriest Michael Matsko,Rector(retired june 2011). Present priest: Father John Wehling .
  • Designed and painted Byzantine style art-icons-depicting various Christian Orthodox episodes and events including the old testament,Church Fathers,the feast,Mother of God, IIsus Pantocrator, Prophets, Evangelists and a lot more. Utilize knowledge and understanding of Christian Orthodox faith including beliefs,practices,history,symbolism,and the strict rules if iconography combined with highly specialized painting techniques and methods,to paint murals depicting various Christian Orthodox events as requested by the Church. Techniques used: Real - FRESCO(painted on whet plaster), outside wall , and - SECCO(dry technique) with egg tempera and casein, on special prepared wall inside. This two techniques are the traditional revelated way to use in Church iconography.
  • 2007- Theotokos Unexpected Joy Orthodox Church in America. Ash Grove,Missouri. Father Moses Berry. Art work iconography-byzantine style. Set of large Festal Icons painted on special prepared wood and many other icons requested by the Church.
  • 2005- Sts.Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church,Westland,Michigan.Priest:Rev.Father James. Completed art work-Gold leaf ornamentation inside the Church on all wall arches.
  • 2004- St.Raphael of Brooklyn Orthodox Church,Detroit,Michigan. Father Leo Coppacia. Art work iconography- Wall painting Secco technique and altar icons on wood with egg tempera and gold leaf.
  • 2002- Catholic Monastery Ann Arbor Michigan. Abbes: sister John Dominique.Icons painted on big wood panel requested by the monastery. Saints Apostles and Annunciation.
  • 2001- The Holy Ascension of Our Lord Romanian Orthodox Monastery,Detroit MI. U.S.A. Abbot: Irineu Duvlea. Iconography-Mural paintings, Secco technique -Dormition of the Mother of God 27 Ft./ 22Ft - and several icons on wood, life size.
  • 2000- Brincoveanu Monastery,City of Brasov,Township of Saturday Awake,Romania. Abbot: Irineu Duvlea.Iconography-Mural painting Fresco Technique.Old Testament Saints, and Historical scene Sacrifice of Brincoveanu Family.All painted to the entrance into the new Church upsters. Many icons painted on wood and a lot of icons painted on Glass (special technique backwords),together with master iconographers - monks like: Father Calinic(specialized for 8 years to Mount Athos) and Father Ieronim.
  • 2000 - Lainici Monastery,City of Gorj. Special program Restauration of old frescoes at the Historical Monument Church. Special delegate reviewer professor Grigore Popescu.
  • 1999- The Church of Tohanul Nou,City of Brasov,Township of Tohanul Nou,Romania. Priest:Reit Aurelian. Icons painted on wood: Iconostasis (altar front), Byzantine style with egg tempera and gold leaf.
  • 1998- The Romanian Orthodox Church Blumana III ,City of Brasov, Romania. Priest:Victor Neamtu. New Icons painted on wood covering the entire church. Painted various episodes ,festal icons including the Ascension of Our Lord,prophets and several saints. Aprox.109 icons.
  • 1995 to 1998- Church Musca-Orthodox Church Valea Ariesului,Alba, Romania. Priest:Petruta Mihai. Byzantine Iconography,murals utilizing complex painting including the Fresco-Technique and the restoration of canvas on wood icons.Work covered the entire Church by Daniel Prihoanca, approved and blessed by Bishop Andrei Andreicut of Alba Iulia.
  • 1997 - Church of Dirste,Brasov. Special restoration of old frescoes Program, under Ioana and Mircea Munteanu Zarnescu special delegates master restorers
  • 1994 - Monastery Tismana, Gorj ,Romania - Participate in the painting and restoretion of several icons and murals at the Church as part of the on-going Practical Exam conducted by The Romanian Patriarchy,The Patriarchal Administration,The Commission of Church Painting under Professor Grigore Popescu and Special Delegate Reviewer Viorel Grimalschi.
  • 1995 - Harman Chappel, Brasov. Gothic fresco painting approx. XII Century.
  • 1994 -Church of Saint Petru, Brasov. Special restoration on the oldest Chappel in Romania XI Century,frescoe technique - unique frescoe paintings in Romania (Pictura liniar narativa).
  • 1993 - Alba Iulia Cathedral,Alba Iulia,Romania. Most Reverend- Andrei Andreicut -Archbishop. Responsible for extensive painting and icon restoration-including gold leaf- utilizing Knowledge of Christian Orthodox Faith,teachings,and practices combined with specialized painting process and techniques.Restored and painted in the Alba Iulia Cathedral,frescoes and Gold Leaf was painted in the time of Iconographer-Costin Petrescu.Work reviewed by special delegates from the Commission of Church Painting:Prof.Sava NIcolae,Grigore Popescu and Banica.
  • 1993 - Church-Mayeri II,Alba Iulia ,Romania.Priest:Lazar Ion. Utilized special restoration Techniques and painting process to restore Church wall.Restoring walls -fresco technique-is a very extensive process that required the utilization of advanced skills and understanding of complex painting techniques,equipment,measurements,and restoration mechanism.Professor Grigore Popescu served as special delegate Reviewer.
  • 1992 to 1993 -Secu Monastery Township of Neamt, Romania. Abbot:Father Vichentie. Engaged in extensive restoration of icons around the Church while using the advanced Fresco-Painting method to paint new murals Orthodox Byzantine style.Work performed by one of the top Iconographer in the field Mr.Vasile Carp.
  • 1993 - Neamt Monastery township of Neamt ,Romania. Participate in a special team engaged in restoration process of old fresco painted in time of Stephen the Great XV Century (Moldavian Treasures).Special Delegate Mrs.Teodora Spataru, Ioana Zarnescu,Mircea Munteanu.
  • 1991 to 1992 : The Orthodox Church Talmacel, Sibiu, Romania. Priest:Father Horia. Responsible for painting and restoring Church walls and wood icons. Work reviewed by leading Iconographers Ioana Zarnescu and Mircea Munteanu.
  • 1990 to 1991: Monastery Rimet Alba Iulia,Romania. Worked in a team with 8 other Iconographers as part of the on-going practical exam,regarding wall fresco technique conducted by The Romanian Patriarchy ,the Commission of Church Painting under Professor Grigore Popescu.
  • 1988 to 1990 : The Church of Tirgu Trotus,Bacau.Romania. Responsible for painting and restoring the entire Church,icons and wall fresco.Work reviewed by top Iconographer -Mr.Baciu Mircea.
  • 1988 Use to promote the special examination entering to Romanian Academy Of art - Restoration of old icons,frescoes,mural painting and new iconography: specialized in fresco ,secco,traditional egg tempera(original technique for iconography painting), special wall preparation to receive any traditional technique, and more. 1994 :Graduation under Professor Master Iconographer Grigore Popescu and Special Delegate Reviewer Viorel Grimalschi - Practical and Theoretical Exam conducted by the Romanian PatriarchyThe Patriarchal Administration,The Commission Of Church Painting.
  • 1986 to 1988 : Use to serve in Romanian army.(Bucharest)
  • 1983 to 1986:Romanian School of Art,Minisrty of Culture Bacau,Romania. Complete the practical and theoretical requirements of the program receiving the highest grade.Receiving top grade point average.
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